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The main consideration in any radiographic procedure involving human life is to reduce the leakage of radiation to patients and operators as much as possible while achieving the diagnostic goals. All Posdion’s Rextar X-ray units are designed with safety in mind. Built-in leaded double-shield in Rextar series ensures that leakage from the x-ray source itself is almost eliminated; protecting the operators who is close to the device. In fact, the exposure from using Rextar X-ray unit is less than allowed occupation doses.

To characterize the REXTAR, leakage test of radiation were conducted at four different sites. As you can see the first four columns in table, almost no radiation was detected at one meter (100cm) distance. Then the probe was positioned at 5 cm from the leakage measurement of radiation. It was shown that Rextar radiation exposure is approximately 10mR. That means the results remain below the levels allowed by regulatory standards, under normal operation, FDA and CE limit (100mR/hr and 25 mR/hr respectively)

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