Aid to Diagnose

Clear X-ray image is obtained while decreasing the radiation dose

Focal Spot

  • Focal spot size is very important in any X-ray.
  • Smaller focal spot with the smaller angle degree can provide the sharpest images whatever could be.
  • Because smaller divergence angle of the X-ray beams make edges of the image on the detector more accurately.
  • You can get higher contrast and density of dental X-ray image by using the focal spot 0.4 mm comparing with 0.8mm portable X-ray devices.

Current & Voltage

Lower Current and Voltage

Higher Current and Voltage

  • Current
  • Current is a flow of electric charge which means the quantity.
  • In order to get a clear image, current of tube is also important factor.
  • Moderate quantity of X-ray beams helps to capture the image more clearly.
  • Voltage
  • Tube voltage is the power of penetrating the bone.
  • Powerful voltage helps you obtain high-resolution X-ray image.
  • The main advantage of powerful voltage is to eliminate blurred and unclear pictures.

The best Tube quality of REXTAR X easily penetrates the bone and provides the superior x-ray images.